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6 Upcoming Movies To Keep An Eye Out For In 2023

6 Upcoming Movies To Keep An Eye Out For In 2023 With 2022’s overwhelming box office success in Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick, we are starting to see the film industry looking a little more assured and audiences looking for their next big screen experience. And 2023 has plenty to offer. Expect to see exhilarating blockbusters, thought-provoking stories from Hollywood icons and exciting new voices daring to be bold in these 6 upcoming movies to keep an eye out for in 2023.

Barbie (Greta Gerwig) Despite the A-List Cast serving a story about the world’s most iconic doll, very little is known about what to expect, other than to expect the unexpected! Greta Gerwig is sure to bring her indie sensibilities and a fresh take on an instantly recognisable character in each fuscia- filled frame. And with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling playing Barbie and Ken there’s a lot to get excited about.

Oppenheimer (Christopher Nolan) Christopher Nolan has carved out a career and a collection of films that can share the pantheon of cinematic greats. It is with this reputation that he can command the blockbuster budgets, work with the biggest stars and tell the most ambitious stories. His latest offering is no exception. Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr, Matt Damon and Rami Malek come together to bring to life on screen the Manhattan Project; the birth of the very first atomic bomb.

Blitz (Steve McQueen) When Coda won the 2022 Best Picture Oscar, it changed the face of possibilities for streaming releases, something that Apple have picked up on when backing proven Oscar- winner Steve McQueen to tell the story of the Blitz of his hometown of London during WW2. McQueen’s artistic background always brings a unique, detail orientated approach to presenting his subjects and an acting debut for one of London’s favourite sons Paul Weller ensures us that, like all of his work to date, Blitz will be something that you haven’t seen before.

Priscilla (Sofia Coppola) Last year, Baz Luhrmann’s bombastic Elvis biopic let loose the energy of the King of Rock and Roll onto the big screen and brought audiences into the frenzy. This year, Sofia Coppola will take on the task of telling the story of Elvis’ sweetheart Priscilla, basing her approach on Pricilla’s memoir. Coppola’s directorial style truly shines when she dives deep into complex female characters in unfamiliar surroundings, and she has made comparisons between Priscilla in Graceland and her former subject Marie Antionette at court in the French Palace. It's about time Priscilla’s story was heard, and it’s in safe hands with Sofia Coppola.

Girl (Adura Onashile) Girl is the debut feature for Glasgow based Screen Star of Tomorrow Adura Onashile, straight off the back of her Scottish BAFTA nominated short film and successful award- winning stage plays. The film is an intimate telling of a changing mother and daughter relationship as they move from a traumatic past into the unfamiliar and unsettling city of Glasgow. Big things are expected of Onashile, who will be hosting the world premiere of the film at Sundance and then bringing it home as the opening film of the Glasgow Film Festival. A sensitive portrayal of the duelling realities is expected to ask questions of whether the idea of Glasgow as a friendly city is one that is shared by all.

How Do You Live? (Hayao Miyazaki) In the world of animation, Hayao Miyazaki is a legend. A co-founder of the emblematic Studio Ghibli, his work over the years has been innovative, breathtakingly beautiful, vulnerable yet accessible in a corner of film often unexplored and categorized into a sub- genre. So when the director of Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away is directing a new film, it’s something to be excited about. Now 81 years of age, Miyazaki has broken his long hiatus to create his final film; to teach his grandson that he will not always be there and to aid in his spiritual growth in only the way that Miyazaki can.

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